About me

My work combines precious metals, silver and gold, handmade glass components, faceted stones and recently, vitreous enamels. Light is the main inspiration for my work; my jewellery reflects or refracts light from external sources, or can emit its own light through fluorescence or phosphorescence. Other pieces are inspired by vibrant city lights at night. Overall, my work is often abstract, combining shapes, colours, textures, movement and sounds with a rare use of pictorial themes. I blow miniature hollow components; spherical bubbles or straight drops from colourless glass tube and combine these with handmade precious metal elements.

Working with transparent glass allows for the transmission of light, an aesthetic quality that enables objects behind the glass to remain visible, even though sometimes distorted or magnified. I often fill these bubbles or drops with tiny, round, faceted laboratory grown stones. These stones are created under intense heat and can therefore withstand the conditions as the vessel is returned to the flame for the sealing process. More recently I have been using opalescent and transparent coloured glass, and combining multiple colours within the flame to blow miniature glass spheres with a swirling pattern.

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